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"Wild Horse Superhighway" - Wild Horses and Forestry

The Alberta Government is concerned about wild horses spreading into new areas in the foothills. It would appear that the increased rate of creation of new habitat by the forestry industry in recent years is providing new habitat for wild horses.


Cut blocks spreading northwestwards provide new habitat for the wild horses for up to eight years or so until the regrowth reaches shoulder height.


If you create a niche then there is always something to fill that niche. Horses thrive in the cut blocks. Shown here is a herd in the Sundre Equine Zone.


Wild horse on a pipeline route that effectively serves as part of a "wild horse superhighway" that allows herds to move to new cut block areas.

Photo credit: Leo Raymaakers


An oil and gas installation adds connectivity to the "wild horse superhighway".

Photo credit: leo Raymaakers

Some questions to be answered....

  • What percentage of the wild horse population now lives in newly created habitat such as forestry cut blocks?

  • Can we predict wild horse population migration and growth by analysing natural resource development plans?

  • Given that natural resource development is creating new habitat for wild horses should these industries be responsible for providing or funding humane management solutions?

  • And finally....what do we want inhabitating these newly created habitats if not the horses?

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